3 Ways to Increase Your Hunger for the Bible

Over the years, I’ve had a good number of people ask me: How do you stay consistent in the Bible? Even more, how do you actually “get into it.” Keep in mind, I didn’t start out loving it. And even today, my desire for God’s Word tends to increase in direct proportion to the margin…
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Your Friends Affect Everything – So Choose them Well!

Having good Christian friends is one of the greatest ingredients that predicts your likelihood of spiritual growth.  Like I demonstrated in my book Pharisectomy, your friends are actually one of the greatest statistical predictors of life-expectancy, obesity, and happiness.  For example, I recently found a study showing that, if you have a larger number of…
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4 Time-Tested Tricks to Avoid Holiday Weight!

As Christians, we all know that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit; but some of us are building a mega-church.  And the problem with bad eating is that it often takes awhile before we experience the real ramifications.  For years, my wife has told me:  “Peter, you have a unique ability to…
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