Your Brain Might Be Cheating You out of Miracles: A Weird Psychology Life-hack.

Did you know that all of our brains have an irrational glitch that causes us to obsess over our fear of loss more than the possibility of gain? This might sound like a silly philosophical problem. But if you aren’t aware of this, it could have a huge impact on not only your prayer life,…
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Is it Always God’s Will to Heal? – Tough Questions about Prayer

Over the years, people have asked me the question, “Is it always God’s will to Heal people?” Many people know, I’m always sharing miracle stories from the pulpit at Substance. We rarely go more than a month without hearing another crazy story of what God is doing within our church community. Yet, it also begs…
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Why I Love Skeptical People & You Should Too

At one time in my life, I thought skepticism meant “a lack of faith.” But as I matured, I realized that skepticism is often the evidence of “maturing faith.” As strange as it might sound, doubt is God’s way of making us hungry for deeper revelations.  It’s not something we fear; it’s something we explore. Keep…
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