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Have you ever wondered: Of all the spiritual disciplines, which of them affects us the most? Or here’s another question for you: We all like to imagine that we are “growing spiritually.” But, how do we really know? What if there was a way to find out? And what if we could put our spiritual…
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How to Find Transformational Fellowship

For years, I falsely thought that attending a church service would transform me. Yes, there is power in a church service. But there are also certain benefits that the Bible reserves for authentic fellowship and confession. For example, Biblical healing is often preceded by “confession of sin” and prayer with “righteous people”according to James 5:16.…
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Your Friends Affect Everything – So Choose them Well!

Having good Christian friends is one of the greatest ingredients that predicts your likelihood of spiritual growth.  Like I demonstrated in my book Pharisectomy, your friends are actually one of the greatest statistical predictors of life-expectancy, obesity, and happiness.  For example, I recently found a study showing that, if you have a larger number of…
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