God Still Does Financial Miracles – A Guest Blog from Carolyn Haas

If anyone knows my wife Carolyn, she ALWAYS has a fresh miracle story of how God provides for our family. In my books, I’ve shared miracle stories about how she trusted God for lawn-mowers and snowblowers – but, we’ve got dozens more: from Disney vacations, to our home & furniture, to our kid’s braces… she…
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Are Millennials Really the Poorest Generation of the Last Century?

Economists are saying that, at the current rate, Millennials will become the “poorest” generation in the last 80 years.  Annie Lowry of the NY Times recently wrote that, “The average net worth of someone 29 to 37 has fallen 21 percent since 1983; the average net worth of someone 56 to 64 has more than…
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