Thanksgiving Meditation: Transform your soul with Gratitude

One of my favorite spiritual disciplines is called a “Thanksgiving Meditation.” We all have a tendency to focus on negative things (by a factor of six); so, if we aren’t savoring our blessings, then we’re going to struggle with chaotic thinking (see Romans 1:21). Blessings must be savored to be enjoyed. So, grab a journal…
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Dancing, Flags, & Ancient Horns: How I Survived a Crazy Church Service & Learned an Important Lesson about Grace

When I gave my life to Christ, I experienced a deep sense of joy and freedom in knowing that I was loved by God and forgiven for all of the less than perfect things I had done. Truly, repenting for my past mistakes was exhilarating; knowing that I received God’s free gift of grace made…
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Why Anger is More Contagious than Joy (& Why It Makes Me Mad : )

Did you know that angry tweets have a much higher rate of being retweeted.  At least that’s what a newly released study from China’s Beihang University says.  To be specific, anger tended to “spread faster” than joy, disgust, or sadness by a factor of three.  But researcher Rui Fan and his research team also found…
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