Volunteer Cliffs – 5 Reasons Why Volunteers Quit and How to Prevent This!

Volunteer Cliffs:  5 Reasons Why Volunteers Quit our Ministries and How to Diagnose & Remove these Obstacles! Have you ever wondered: “How do I get more people involved in my ministry? Or, why do certain ministries always seem to attract volunteers while others struggle?”  Weak leaders always think: “I need more money or good staff…
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Dancing, Flags, & Ancient Horns: How I Survived a Crazy Church Service & Learned an Important Lesson about Grace

When I gave my life to Christ, I experienced a deep sense of joy and freedom in knowing that I was loved by God and forgiven for all of the less than perfect things I had done. Truly, repenting for my past mistakes was exhilarating; knowing that I received God’s free gift of grace made…
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Top Mistakes of New Full-Time Ministers – Part 2

In the last few years alone, Substance has gotten over 40 of our interns and church leaders into their first full-time ministry positions.  Many of them get nervous about making mistakes; thus, they often ask me: “What are some of the most common rookie mistakes that new pastors and full-time ministers make?”  So, in this…
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