Was Christ Truly Born on Christmas Day?

Well, it was another record-setting year of Christmas services at Substance! And after 11 services, I’m ready to do a whole lot of nothing! Thankfully, Carolyn will be tag-teaming our New Years teaching series called “Changeable” – God’s plan for Reinventing Yourself. (& remember, we have NEW service times at our Northtown campus this Sunday…
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Was Christ Really Born on December 25th? How Modern Astronomy has Reignited the Debate.

Every year, people ask me: Was Jesus really born on December 25th? Is the Christmas holiday just paganism wrapped up in a pretty bow? Or, my skeptical friends ask me: Is there even any secular historical references to corroborate the Nativity story? Thankfully, there’s a lot of fascinating answers to these questions! And here are…
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