Parenting Advice

What's the role of women in church?

Top “Must-Read” Parenting Books

If you know my wife at all, you’d know that she’s obsessive about being a great parent.  In fact, I call her the “Mommy-ologist” because she’s always got at least 2 parenting books on her at any given moment.  (I’m not kidding.  It’s almost ridiculous).  In fact, I don’t think we’ve gone on a vacation…
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How to be a Better Parent – OR – a Better Son or Daughter!

Recently, I preached on parenting – some of the top regrets I hear, & how we can avoid them! We assume that, because we’re socially intelligent, our kids will necessarily catch it. But, it takes a lot more intentionality than most Christians think. To put it simply: life has a way of crowding out many…
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Can God “Bless Pizza to our Bodies” and Other Life-changing Questions about Prayer:

Table Prayers are funny things – especially in my house, where chaos is never far away. But have you ever wondered, why do millions of Christians pray: “bless this food to our bodies; and, bless the hands that prepared this?” First off: Why do we only “bless their hands?” Why not bless their bank account,…
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