Sarcasm: the surprising secret to success (this is not sarcastic!)

A new Harvard study recently found out that I’m awesome. What I mean is, the study found out that sarcasm appears to have some fascinating scientific benefits. And because sa rcasm is one of my spiritual gifts, I’m freaking amazing. (And by the way, I’m being sarcastic – for those of you who have special…
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Top Mistakes of New Full-Time Ministers – Part 2

In the last few years alone, Substance has gotten over 40 of our interns and church leaders into their first full-time ministry positions.  Many of them get nervous about making mistakes; thus, they often ask me: “What are some of the most common rookie mistakes that new pastors and full-time ministers make?”  So, in this…
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Survival Guide for Introverted Leaders – Shocking Facts & Insights

Nobody ever believes me when I tell them I’m an introvert.  I tell people that I’m actually a naturally quiet guy and they all laugh — probably because they hear my super-passionate messages and humor every Sunday.  Or when people read my book Pharisectomy, they laugh out loud at the comedy and think, “This guy…
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