Don’t Die after the Resurrection – Easter Recovery Guide for Pastors

Have you ever had a “Holy Hangover?” “What is it?” you ask? Well, it’s a numb euphoria mixed with exhaustion and shepherding stress. For years, as a senior pastor, I used to hate Easter. Part of it was because every year our church would experience record lows in attendance on Easter – partly because 70%…
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Top Mistakes of New Full-Time Ministers – Part 1

Over the last 2 decades of full-time ministry, I’ve made a lot of ministry mistakes!  There are messages I wish I could take back – meetings that I should have never called.  There are some days when I’m totally amazed that anyone has stuck with me over the years! For example, for those of you…
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How “Creative Teams” Can Actually Kill Creativity – Riveting Research for Innovators

Creativity is an essential component for my job.  From the humor of my book Pharisectomy to creating a fresh sermon series, I’m always looking for inspiration. My closest friends know that I obsess over script writing and music production.  And especially as Substance makes plans to launch into some serious films and albums, I’m extremely protective…
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