Political Without Being Poisonous – Elections & Faith

Believe it or not, Evangelical Christians are some of the least politically involved groups in American Politics, even though they have a reputation for being the opposite. What’s up with that? Since the 1990’s there’s been a lot of Christians who’ve tried to change this hyper-political accusation by being “non-political.” Yet, in my opinion, I’m…
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The Traffic Light of Influence

Many years ago, I found myself in what felt like an impossible leadership situation. Almost ALL of my problems came down to one insecure leader. And I felt like my only solution was to quit. I mean, I felt like I had tried EVERYTHING; yet,¬†nothing was working! So, one day, I was whining to God…
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How to Influence without Antagonizing: The Story Behind the Song “Hanging”

As many of you know, Substance Input Output just released a brand new live music video for our song Hanging! Click here to see it. The last few months have been quite a ride. When the Substance I/O album first released, we climbed as high as 25 on the overall iTunes Charts! There was a…
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