DANIEL’S “SEVENTY WEEKS” – Understanding the Backbone of End Times Theology

Why in the world do Christians believe in a Seven-year tribulation? Where does the doctrine of the anti-Christ come from? And what in the world is Daniel’s “Seventy Weeks?” If you’ve ever studied eschatology, (the study of the end of the world), you’re likely to come upon a famous prophecy called “Daniel’s Seventy Sevens” (or…
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Free Booklet Called: “Skeptics Guide to Tongues & Prophecy”

As we’ve been studying the Book of Acts, many people have been asking me questions about the Holy Spirit. For example: How do I know if I’ve received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? What’s the Biblical evidence of the Holy Spirit? Is it included in salvation? What’s up with Unknown Tongues? What does a…
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Help! What’s the Deal With Unknown Tongues and Prophecy?

Lately, in our series on the Supernatural, we’ve been diving into some of the stranger aspects of Christianity.  With the doctrines of unknown tongues covering eight chapters of scripture, all by itself, it’s amazing how few pastors actually address it.  As bizarre as some of those passages might be, what kind of pastor would I be if…
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