Who in the World is the Antichrist? And What is the Mark of the Beast?

Who in the world is the “Anti-Christ?” What is the “Mark of the Beast?” And does any of this have any basis in the Bible? Over the years, Christians have used these doctrines to create all sorts of interesting conspiracies. And if you browse the web, you’re certain to find a good number of cults…
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Got Questions about the End Times?

Welcome to the landing page for my sermon & blog series: “Be Right Back: Tough Questions about the Second Coming of Christ.”  Everyone has questions about the end of the world. And so, the goal here is to give you additional resources to help you navigate this exciting topic! In the first section, you’ll see…
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How to Decide Your View of the End Times – A Five Step Study Process

Why is it so stinking hard to study the end times?  The truth is: It’s NOT hard. But it can feel that way when we’re doing it with the wrong resources. As a result, many Christians either avoid the subject altogether or they study it for all the wrong reasons with all the wrong resources.…
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