The Strange History of Trick or Treating… Prayer?

Throughout the middle ages people believed in a theological concept called purgatory…a place between heaven and hell where certain people could pay for their sins. Of course, most scholars don’t believe the concept even exists in the Bible (which I agree with). Some credit Pope Gregory the 1st (late 6th century) as the originator. But…
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Do Witches Truly Like Halloween? – Insights from the Witch Capital of the U.S.

For most people, witches only exist in the Wizard of Oz; but, it’s actually a serious bona fide religious affiliation. Here in Minneapolis / St. Paul, there are allegedly over 20,000 witches (or Neo-pagans as many of them prefer), And in the Twin Cities alone, there are around 234 active covens. Strangely, we even have…
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