Teaching Church Planters! Yay!

Posted On June 20, 2009 By Peter In



Teaching Church Planters

Wow, I just got to do one of the coolest things yesterday.  In case you didn’t know, we belong to one of the most amazing church organizations called the Association of Related Churches. (ARC).   Yesterday was a national “C.P.R.” Church Planters Roundtable where people fly in from all across the country to learn about the ARC and other essential church planting mentalities.  But, I actually got to teach some of it.  And I’ll tell you what:  Substance, we’re gonna be doing a lot of this.  There is such a need for new churches.  And there are not enough people putting enough time into mentoring a new wave of planters.  But I’m telling you what:   We’re gonna do it.  So get ready:   God is gonna use us to launch 100’s of churches in the next couple years.


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