Does God have a Happiness Switch?

The “Happiness Switch” – Why God Purposefully “Flips it Off” for Some of Us!

Posted On September 14, 2015 By Peter In

Strangely, the Bible suggests that God actually has a “happiness switch” that he can turn on and off in our lives. One of the wealthiest men who’s ever walked the planet said: “God gives some people wealth, possessions and honor, so that they lack nothing their hearts desire, but God does not grant them the ability to enjoy them.” (Eccl.6:2). You see, happiness comes from God and it operates separately from our circumstances. And the research on happiness seems to confirm this: studies show, “less than 10% of happiness is circumstantial” (things like money, houses, cars, jobs, marital status, looks, or geographical locations)!

I think we’ve all seen this play out in the headlines. Gorgeous celebrities get divorced; millionaires commit suicide. Deep in our hearts, we all know that money, prestige, jobs and opportunities will never satisfy us; yet, many of us are obsessed with the pursuit of these things – all the while, God is the one in control of the “happiness switch.” So naturally, it begs the deeper question: WHY would God turn our happiness switch off? Is God simply mean or angry when it comes to certain people?

Not at all! Indeed, it’s the exact opposite: God loves us SO much, that he doesn’t want us falling deeper into the delusion that these circumstantial things we’re all pining after will fulfill us. And even for those of us who believe in God, many of our prayer lives are dominated by “circumstantial things”… “God, give me an amazing job, spouse, income, or house with palm trees.” Thus, if God needs to yank a little happiness away from us in order to wake us up from these false pursuits, like a good father, it’s going to be high on his priority list.

Ironically, when we put God first, it’s shocking how happiness changes – and the scientific research actually substantiates this! For example, did you know if you go to church on a regular basis you are 22% less likely to be clinically depressed; you’re more likely to have orgasm
s and high levels of sexual satisfaction; you’re more likely to manage your life better, and time better; you’re more likely to complete degrees and accomplish academic achievements; as well as have increased “mental well-being.” And to boot, regular church attendees live significantly longer than the general population – at least seven to fourteen years longer than non-religious people! Even stranger, believing in God or church isn’t enough. Only those who attend church events on a WEEKLY basis experience many of these benefits – many of which increase with higher attendance. Even stranger, research has shown these benefits only tend to work for those participating in Judeo-Christian centered activities as opposed to any other religions. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

So, it begs the question: how do I get God to turn on my “happiness switch?” Well, it depends on how many “myths of happiness” you believe in! Honestly, there’s no way to fully unpack this in a singular blog. So, after compiling all of this research for years, I finally compiled “10 Myths of Promotion and Happiness” – the counter-intuitive lies we believe that sucker us into switching jobs, houses, churches, cities, and marriages. And if you’re interested I compiled all of it into my brand-new humor book: “Broken Escalators: Funny & Frightful Lessons about Moth Eating and Moving to the Next Level.”

Honestly, I’ve never been more thrilled in my life to release a book. By the time people are done reading this, it will completely alter everything. Obviously, I’m going to be writing all sorts of blogs on this subject over the coming year. But if you’re super interested in “flipping the happiness switch,” I can honestly say, you will say, “aha!” in every chapter.

Technically, the book doesn’t officially launch until October 13. But, if you pre-order it today, you’ll get access to a free digital copy of my Amazon best seller: “Pharisectomy” as well as access to my brand new mini-film: “Curators & Connectivity: The Essential Mentors Everyone Needs to Succeed.”

And, if you’re a leader who preorders 6 or more… you’ll get free access to an entire small-group film series based on the book (10 films!). I filmed the coolest videos to complement the book + a small group guide + everything that I previous mentioned : ) It’s like an avalanche of Peter Haas : ) Hopefully you’ll survive!

Honestly, the reason I’m throwing in all of these free things is because, I just want to say thanks to all my fans. I really believe God wants to change the world through this information. And you all are making it easier!

But, coming back to the “happiness switch,” here’s a quick clue about HOW to flip it on: “To the person who pleases [God], he gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness” (Eccl.2:26). So, as you go about your day, let’s be sure to explore the question: what is it mean t “please PicOfBook-CropGod?” After all, there’s a lot at stake. And we would do well to receive EVERYTHING God has for us!

“Lord, teach us how to please you. We’ve only got one life to live. And we need your Grace to come full us with wisdom, knowledge, and happiness, in Jesus’ name. Amen!”

Wanna see the brand new Broken Escalators website? – Or would you like to watch a few videos about the book?


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