Traction And Clarity Worksheet

What one thing could you do (or stop doing) that if you did on a regular basis, would make a tremendous difference in your personal / professional / spiritual life? (Eg: exercise; Bible reading; Get new friends; Date nights with Spouse etc.)

If God was to suggest an adjustment in your life today, what do you think he would tell you? What area would he point out? What would he call you to do?

What are Some Goals for this Specific Issue? What are you going to actually do? (Hint: Avoid “to be” statements like: “I want to be a better spouse,” or unmeasurable goals like, “I want to know God more.” Your goals must be numerically assessable or be applicable to a time-line, like “I will read 2 chapters /wk until May 1st!” Or “I will go on a date with my spouse twice/month.”)

What could potentially stand in the way of accomplishing each goal? Create a list of obstacles. Create ‘sub-goals’ or baby steps that are critical to the success of your main goal.

Prioritize your goals: Some goals are complex enough where they require multiple sub-goals & deadlines. Which of my sub goals must be finished by what time? Should you focus on certain goals first? How might they look on your calendar.

Who will hold you accountable to accomplish your goals?
Brainstorm a list of potential accountability partners; Will they
have the availability or honesty to effectively help you? When/how often will you meet with them?