Warning: Highly Explosive College Ministry

Posted On August 31, 2008 By Peter In

I just got back from the first big “students with substance” tail-gate party.   Wow!  Talk about a movement waiting to happen!  The pavillion at the park was packed with college students.  And that grill had more hot dogs than I’ve seen in a long time!  

But seriously, in case you didn’t know, Students with Substance is the college ministry at our church filled with students from many of the major universities.  For the longest time, we’ve wanted to do a better job at mobilizing all of our young dynamos.  And the man who’s risen to the challenge is none other than our very own James Rogers.  (Or, as I like to call him:  “Rogers, …James Rogers”)

Now if you haven’t met James yet, wow, you’re really missing out.  This guy is one heck of a rising leader. (And it doesn’t hurt that he’s ridiculously good looking too)…(ladies, see picture below).  As we watched him introduce seven of the leaders on his team, I got the sense that we have some sleeping giants in our church.

But honestly though: my wife and I were totally overwhelmed by the event.  It’s almost bizarre to me how many young people the Lord has entrusted to our church.  And when I saw all of them I couldn’t help but think:   Watch out Twin Cities… we have one highly explosive ministry on our hands!   And I realize that it sounds like hype.  But most people have no idea how profound this is.

About a year ago I had an older woman tell me:  You guys are really silly for pursuing college students.  She said, “you might have big numbers… but those numbers are almost worthless.  They’re here today… gone tomorrow.”   (And frankly, this attitude is probably why the American church is dying).

But, I’ll tell you what:  Four years ago this thousand member church wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for a few daring college students.  And just about every major missions and church planting movement began with college students.   So, as far as I’m concerned, bring ’em in!  These guys are gonna take over the world.  And if I have anything to say about it, we’re gonna start right here in the Twin Cities.

So get to know these young up-and-comers!   We’ve got some real movers and shakers.

And get ready Twin Cities:   This Movement has just Begun!


Me & James, who's in U of M war paint!

Me & James, who's in U of M war paint!

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