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Posted On August 30, 2008 By Peter In

What is up Substance!

I am completely excited to welcome you to my new blog.  For months my staff have been telling me: “Pastor, you need to get a ‘pastor’s blog’ going!”   And I have resisted… mainly because I am a natural writer.  And I’m afraid that I’ll end up lost in the blogosphere for weeks — only to find that my children have suddenly graduated from highschool.

But nonetheless, I’m excited to share about all of the cool things going on in both my life and the church.  God has been so good to us.  And I’m having so many exciting meetings with ministry captains, church planters and new believers from Substance.  So, this blog is just another way that you can be a part of all of the exciting things going on.

Even more, there are so many exciting additions to the substance team.  I’ve been looking at different places for office space too.  So, I figure that I can post some of these fun pictures as the trustees and I look at different locations.

But either way, I’m just excited to have all of you along for the journey.  God’s got some really fun things up his sleeve.  So be praying.

Of course, to celebrate my first blog, my daughters wanted me to take a picture and post it.  So, smile big and stay posted!

True, Peter, & Lijah celebrating our new blog!

True, Peter, & Lijah celebrating our new blog!

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