We’re going Multi-site! Fall Vision 2009

Posted On June 29, 2009 By Peter In

Well the staff and I just released some juicy church information in the new document:   The Substance Fall Vision 2009!  As many of you know, we continue to grow.  We have around 450 college students going home for summer this year…yet amazingly, we’ve filled almost every seat since they left!  Naturally, even if we didn’t grow at all throughout the summer, we’d still need to add another church service.  But, thankfully, we’ve been ahead of the curve!

And that’s what this Fall Vision document / podcast is all about:  This fall, Substance is going to be adding another campus!  We’re also going to be doing a new Saturday night teaching event at our Operation Center.  So, if you have time, make sure you read the document or download the mp3 of me teaching it in person.   http://www.SubstanceChurch.com/content/pdf/TheFallVision2009.pdf


Lastly, we’re doing a Q & A meeting about our multi-site set-up on Wed. July 1st at 7pm.  So, feel free to come if you want to hear more about all the changes!

But we love you guys.  Keep in prayer about all of these changes.  We believe that God is going to entrust us with over 700 unchurched people this fall.  That’s a HUGE responsibility because, these people aren’t numbers… rather they are sons and daughters, mothers and fathers.  So, thanks for being a part of all this!  As you read it, ask the Lord what part he’d have you join up with.  All right!?  Let’s rock this city!

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