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Posted On February 19, 2009 By Peter In

What a great week it’s been!  As many of you know, it’s been a bit crazy around here.  We’ve been neck high in decisions over our Operation Center in Roseville!   Wow!  Talk about fun watching this thing become a reality!  Of course, many of you also know that we recently hired a newer office administrator in Leslie Kauer!  (She’s been such a blessing already.)  In fact, she was voted “best staff prayer” already.  So, we’ve got to think of a fitting trophy to commemorate her accomplishment  : )
But with all the new changes coming we thought it smart to do a little staff planning retreat.  After all, once we’re in the Operation Center, we want to have our official battle plan in order.  So, we had the whole staff pack up their laptops, their suitcases, and a mindful of Substance’s biggest logistical difficulties, and off we went!
But “to where” you ask?  Well, why not do it in Wisconsin Dells!  My wife and I have a condo at an indoor waterpark resort there.  That way, in between mind numbing corporate brainstorms, we can go down giant innertube water slides.  (And there’s something refreshing about listening to Pastor Peter Morse and Jamin Cousins squeal like little girls while going down tube slides)… O.K., I’ll admit it… I did some squealing too.  But it turns out that Pastor Nick has never been to a waterpark in his life!!!!!!!!   Who knew?  I mean, everyone needs to have at least one near-downing experience at a wave pool.   However, Jamin (our worship producer) kept getting whistled at by the life-guards.  So I think he’s got a dangerous streak in him.
Anyway, in between ingesting large quantities of chlorinated water up our noses, we had some pretty exciting staff meetings.  So thank you all for praying for us!  Substance is about to enter a new season of health.  We also thought of some pretty fun sermon series for later on this year.
P.s.,  Get ready for this Sunday (Feb 22nd).  We’re flying in an amazing guest speaker from South Carolina, John Bolin.  This guy is a nationally known author and church leader for a reason!  And besides, he’s just a stinkin’ cool guy on top of it all .  So be there or be square.  And check back… I’m gonna blog an update on the operation center soon!

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